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Under Art. 4,  Decision of Director General of Custom and Excise no. KEP-78/BC/1997,  23 September 1997, passenger goods with duty free :

  1. Personal goods with value of up to US$ 250.00 for individual and up to US$ 1000.00 for family or  up to US$50.00 for crew;Any excessive value will be taxed and recorded in the passengerís CD.

  2. Personal goods brought by foreigners such as : camera, camera video, portable radio cassette recorder, binocular, sport equipments, notebook/laptop, handphone, and others used during stay in Indonesia and those goods must be re-exported when leaving Indonesia.

  3. Personal goods brought by Indonesian people such as :camera, camera video, portable radio cassette recorder, binocular, sports equipments, notebook/laptop, handphone and others used by Indonesia during stay abroad and they must complete the form.

  4. 200 cigarettes, 50  cigars, or 200 gram of  tobacco products (for adults only);1 (one) litre alcohol beverage (for adults only);reasonable amount of parfum (for adults only).Any excessive number of above cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and alcohol products will be seized and demolished under the supervision of the Custom Head of Office.

  5. Passenger or crew paying custom fee and excise will be issued an invoice as a payment proof.



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