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Foreign researcher intending to do  field research in many various ranges of sciences and knowledges in Indonesia must follow the procedural requirements based on the Decree of the Indonesian President no. 100/1993, 01 November 1993.

LIPI  or the  Indonesian Institute of Science is the main co'ordinator designated to deal with administrative procedures, to supervise, to issue research permit,   and other paper works to obtain other permits from related government agencies.

  • Address : Bureau of Science and Technology Co-operation, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI)
    Sasana Widya Sarwono Building, 7th Floor Rooms 714 and 716
    Jl. Gatot Soebroto no. 10Jakarta Selatan 12710
    Phone : (021) 522-5711 ext. 240 and 237 Fax : (021) 526 5457
    Website            : E-mail   :
Contact Persons :
  • Mrs. Sophie Muzwar (Head of Bureau Science and Technology.
  • Mr. Mangembang Tarohoran or Ms. Ina Syarief.

LIPI in co-operation and co-ordination with other government agencies which is so called as the Coordinating Team will call for a clearing meeting before considering to approve  a research permit to the  applicant. To acquire a research permit, please log on to the website LIPI : or

One of the requirements to have a research permit is a recommendation letter from the Indonesian Mission abroad.

The Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago serves the community living in Midwest area and will issue a recommendation letter after completing the following requirements :

  • copy of  formal request to LIPI and copy of applicant passport;

  • copy of research proposal which content a title, objectives, description and methodology,

  • concepts, research location (the district, regency, province must be clearly stated);

  • copy of applicant curriculum vitae’ (re’sume) and  lists of publications (if any);

  • support letter from applicant’s  school/university and advisor;

  • copy of recommendation letter from the Indonesian collaborators (in this case, the Indonesian academic institution or a Research Development Center);

  • proof of financial support to cover research, living expenses and fees for Indonesian collaborators;

  • current health certificate ( must be good mentally or phisicaly);

  •  lists of research supporting equipments and their values:

  • certified copy of marriage certificate, spouse re’sume or CV, children birth certificates (if they join applicant during having research in Indonesia).

Further, an interview may be held. The applicant has to include the exact  phone number or email address that can be contacted.

If the application is approved, LIPI will contact the Immigration Directorate General to provide a research  visa that can be issued by the Indonesian mission abroad.

Research visa may be applied from the Consulate General in Chicago after completing the following requirements :

  •  Valid Passport

  • visa approval from the Immigration Directorate General;

  • 2 (two) completed visa application forms and 2 pictures for each person;

  • visa fee (vide: Consular and Immigration Fee);

  •  prepaid self addressed return envelope.



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